Empyreal Entertainment is on a journey exploring the wonders of escapism.

From concept to completion, Empyreal Entertainment’s goal is connecting with people through telling inspirational stories.  Whether Fantasy or Sci-Fi, Serialized or a Motion Picture, we believe narrative matters.


A word from the founder of Empyreal Entertainment

“The first film I ever saw in the cinema was the original Star Wars, a long time ago in a country kind of far far away. Like millions of other kids, I was in awe and knew what I wanted to do. To tell stories. The idea that it is possible to make others feel how that movie made me feel was impossible to ignore and a path many creators wish to follow.

At Empyreal Entertainment, our creators strive to do so by conceptualizing without limits. Whether it is for Games, VR, Animation or Film, our goals are the same, and that is to entertain. We hope whatever brought you to us, keeps you engaged as we embark on this endeavor. Over time we will produce a variety of content that we hope will inspire and perhaps leave some of you in awe.”

– Wayne Kennedy