Behind The Scenes

INTERFACE – The series

Imagine a future where a person can infuse their consciousness into a machine by logging into a bipedal robot.

Within a futuristic dockyard. There isn’t a single person in sight and the only workers are humanoid robots. One of these robots belongs to STEPHEN. The real Stephen is immobile, hooked up to machines while sending his consciousness into a robot half-way across the world. He sees what it sees, controls what it does, speaks through it, and feels its pain. For all intents and purposes, for eleven hours every day, Stephen is his robot.

After a hard day’s work, however, someone hacks into his robot self and uses it to viciously slaughter a sitting Governor. Stephen wakes to the horrible realization that he’s been framed.

Scene storyboard animatic

NBA VR takes you up close and personal with NBA legends as they reminisce their hall of fame experiences with host and comedian, Chris Distefano.

Gunner is cinematic and interactive realtime VR experience that positions the player within a historical action sequence.
In partnership with Two Bit Circus, Digital Domain has created a piece that is both visually exhilarating and physically engaging. Gunner places the viewer into the guts of a WWII ball turret as it soars over enemy territory and combats incoming enemy aircraft.
Digital Domain’s Content group was managed by Wayne Kennedy who oversaw development as the project was lead by Creative Director Julian Sarmiento, VR Technical Supervisor, Derek Crosby and writer Avery Wheless.  Gunner situates the viewer in the “confined space” of a custom “chair” that mimics a Boeing B-17 ball turret used by Air Force gunners in WWII.

Courtesy of Digital Domain