NBA VR takes you up close and personal with NBA legends as they reminisce their hall of fame experiences with host and comedian, Chris Distefano.

NBA VR is an interactive virtual reality series produced by Digital Domain exclusively for the Google Daydream. Then, Director of Creative Development Wayne Kennedy worked in cooperation with the NBA to conceptualize this unique experience. Under Wayne’s supervision, Creative Director Julian Sarmiento and the Digital Domain production team developed this streaming 360 show using proprietary techniques to maintain the stunning visual quality of the live-action footage that is seamlessly integrated into a photoreal digitally created CG environment.

Season 1 showcased NBA legends, Robert Horry, Bruce Bowen, Baron Davis, Shawn Marion, Richard Hamilton, Chauncey Billups, John Salley, John Starks, Gary Payton, and “Big Game” James Worthy.

The NBA VR APP is available on the Google Daydream.

Courtesy of Digital Domain