Millionaire Woody

Blue Whale Pictures, Studio Gale and Empyreal Entertainment presents, Millionaire Woody.

The world was in love with Woody, the singing and dancing dog who can speak! He has the voice of Sinatra and feet of Gene Kelly, and it was a good time, until his trainer and beloved owner, Grandma passed away. Woody had been hypnotized as a puppy and as the world first talking dog, Grandma had amassed a fortune. She left her inheritance to Woody and her grandchildren, Ethan and Elaine, but the evil family lawyer had other plans, and falsified her will in a plot to get his hands on a large portion of the money due to lawyer fees. Woody is tricked when he fails to uphold a “behavior” clause in the will, and after embarrassing himself on the David Mailman show, he is sent to a prison-like correctional training school named “Stalag 7”.

There he meets the warm-hearted Suzy, a new trainer who loves animals. The two form a friendship and have to survive the rough school while proving Woody’s innocence. With his reputation in tatters and family torn apart, Woody finds solace in what has always made him happy. Music!